This is the website of the Sustainability and Climate Change Education in Sri Lanka for Systems Change and Futures Literacy (SUCCESSFUL) Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education project. The project is a collaborative effort implemented by a consortium between two Sri Lankan universities and two universities from the European Union.


The 21st century world is becoming increasingly complex and uncertain. As the pace of social, technological and political changes is constantly accelerating, it is increasingly important for people to be able to learn from the future and gain individual navigation skills that are needed to keep up with the pace of the surrounding world. Climate resilience is a resilience of the system and low carbon development, aiming at ensuring sustainable development and keeping emissions at minimum, is a necessary development approach for the future of humankind and our biosphere. Quality education can be one of the most effective and necessary ways to increase the resilience to climate change in societies. One of the core goals of SUCCESSFUL is to enhance Higher Education Institutions’ (staff and students alike) capacities in climate change and sustainability education to enable systems change and futures literacy in preparation of the climate and sustainability challenges in Sri Lanka.

Goals of the project are to

  1. Enhance management of administrative capacities through contributing to strengthening of the internationalisation strategies (through student and staff mobilities and capacity enhancement of international management and financing and quality assurance in planning, monitoring and evaluation of projects
  2. Ensuring high quality and relevant education by the implementation of learning mobilities, intensive study and training programmes to enhance capacities of staff and PhD students and design and implementation of new blended and digital climate change and sustainability modules in Sri Lankan HEIs
  3. Increasing the accessibility of the students/staff with fewer opportunities through equal access to digital climate change university for ALL in Sri Lanka thus promoting inclusive learning opportunities to foster equity


The project is coordinated by the Sustainable Development Futures research group at Finland Futures Research Centre. Visit the research group’s website here for further information.

Mika Korkeakoski
Project Manager

Osku Haapasaari
Project Coordinator